Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The joy of being a teacher..

I don't know about other teachers out there, but personally I feel fuzzy inside whenever I see my students do well..
And what better way to 'measure' their ability level then by giving them a test!! :D

Last Saturday was my last class for the Level 3 students.. Well, actually its a combined class with 2 students from the Level 4 class - their's got axed as there we not enough students.. :P
Now, eventhough they are not originally my students (I took over the class mid-way) and they weren't actually my 1st batch of students, I still have a soft spot for them.. It's been a pleasure
seeing them week after week and to just hang out with them most of the time.. kinda reminds me when I took a Japanese language course at INTEKMA 10 years ago (Oh God! Has it really been that long?!)

I had bought this booklet especially for these guys.. It's the 2003 Japanese Language Proficiency Test paper for Level 4..
Note: JLPT is most recognized Japanese language test conducted internationally once a year and is usually the main benchmark for student who wants to go to Japan for further studies. It has 4 levels from the highest 'Level 1' to the more ground level or basic 'Level 4'. University entry requires atleast a 'Level 2', which is where yours truly stands at the moment.. :P

Unfortunately, only 3 could make it to the class.. namely Loo, Ziyen and Pui Mun.. absent from the 'playlist' were Arina, Tan and Reshera.. I won't mention who is my favourite student here la as it's improper for a sensei to pilih bulu.. hehe.. besides, they're all very special ;)
Anyway.. I was really amazed at how they performed on the test.. Scores aside, the following is my analysist of the 3 who took the test (the other 3 I'll save for another entry)..

- Loo -

Mr CooL.. he's quite the collective kind.. has a great working mind - he may not realize it but his mind can understand how things work naturally, doesn't need to memorize formulas but could come up with a 'relative theory' by his own.. kinda reminds me of me.. hehe

- ZiYen -

Shy Gal.. she's very VERY SMART! And I mean smart as in can quickly pick things up with proper guidance.. She know's alot but can be pretty reserved at times.. can't wait for her to come out of her shell.. something I figured out how to do during my 2nd year in Japan.. ;)

- Pui Mun -

Miss Smiley.. a playfull gal with quite a potential brilliant mind and a personality that might even be good enough to be on TV! Though may need to find the proper motivation to keep focused.. kinda like me - I only do the things I like to do..

[Reminder : Analysist may not be accurate :P ]

I'm really confident that these guys (including the ones who couldn't make it) would pass JLPT Level 4 with flying colours.. given one more year, they'd might even have a chance at passing JPLT Level 3!
So, I'll be buying more of these booklets from now on and to keep them motivated, I repeat again the promise I made to them here in this blog..
Next year you guys take JLPT Level 4 (atleast), I'll go for Level 1.. Kita ambil periksa sama-sama! :)


Anonymous said...

aahhh bende alah ni asikla ilang!

saje nak tanye sensei.. ade ape2 tips ke utk how to get out of one's shell? hihi

sbb kite slalu pikir 'once a shy person always a shy person'.. unless if the person itself willing to change him/herself n even then it would take a lot of effort from them.. so interested jugak nak tau camne sensei bleh get out of his shell hehe :P

Inaesb said...

I didn't know you were a teacher. You teach Japanese? :)

sensei said...

Stay tuned.. I'll be sharing that one soon ;)

No, I don't teach Japanese, I teach Malaysians.. hehehe.. sorry, lame joke.. :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha sensei with his lame jokes :P