Thursday, November 16, 2006

"In absentia luci, tenebrae vinciunt"

The above is latin for "In absence of light, darkness prevails"..
Hmmm.. feels like another 'serious' entry coming.. hehe..

Firstly, I'm a Muslim.. how much of a (good) Muslim am I? God knows..
I believe in God and I have faith that God gives us 'clues' or 'signs' if we look hard enough..
For example.. I never told anyone about this before, so hush, OK? :)
On Friday 19th 1999, I was lying on the sofa flicking through the channels (back then we didn't have ASTRO).. my father who had been suffering from leukaemia was sleeping on a mattress next to the sofa.. as I skipped through the channels, I came across the TV3 program 'Al-Kulliyah'.. I couldn't remember the topic, but it was something about death..
On of the panel ustaz gave an advice to not just say "mengucap" to the dying person, but to guide him/her by actually reciting the shahadah into the person's right ear..
I had no idea that THAT few seconds watching TV would be the most important lesson I would ever learn.. because on Saturday 20th 1999, in my father's last few moments, as everyone was saying to him "mengucap.. mengucap!!", I was the one who had to do what the ustaz said the day before.. but to the left ear, since I knew my father's right ear was blocked (he complaint to me a few days before not to speak to his right ear)..

[Al-Fatihah to my father, Othman Haji Saaid]

Now.. alot of people out there actually have no faith in God.. they say God (at times refering to Him as 'A Powerful Source') does exist, they doubt Him in their hearts by giving excuses such as "If God is Almighty and good, why is there so much evil and distruction happening in this world?"..
There's quite a number of good arguements from Islam's point of view.. but a non-believer usually wouldn't believe something coming from a source that is not of his beliefs.. kan?
So one of my favourite arguements or explaination would be the above.. "In absence of light, darkness prevails".. Evil exists due to the absence of goodness.. some might argue this by saying that God is absent in certain places..? No.. He's not absent, He's always there.. provided that you look for Him.. Now I'd like to ask those people (who has doubts), did you look for Him? Did you even try too?? Could it be that you did something to make Him mad and turn away from you?

My house had a blackout 2 nights ago.. it was total darkness.. but I knew where to find the candles.. Al-hamdulillah.. I knew where the source for light was..
But sometimes just knowing is not good enough, you need to be prepared too.. you need to work on it.. and the truth is I also need to work on it.. God helps those who tries and put an effort to make changes in their own lives.. those will come out victoriuos, InsyaAllah..

FYI, I used about 3 sticks of candle during that blackout.. now I need to stock up again.. Please remind me to get some candles on my way back home.. ;)

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juliana said...

the fact that we know where to find the light is a blessing. and even with this light shining up from above, there is a possibility that we might get lost, if we take a different direction leading us to a path unfamiliar, but the best thing i've learned is that, with much faith and perservance, we'll get back on track, coz this light that shines, it never gives up on us.... insya Allah

kan? :)