Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don't Believe the TRUTH..

Above title is taken from the last OASIS studio album.. OASIS is a great band, but today's entry is not about that.. sorry ye..

Something has been bothering me for the past few days.. I really need to address it but somehow I don't know how and who to share it with.. it's quite personal and the content may offend those few people that I really care about.

Anyway.. in the quest to 'fix myself', I've been reading some articles on the internet about relationships, self-esteem and such.. I think I may have a problem here.. I may be suffering from lack of self-confidence.. Imagine me, the self proclaimed 'sensei' or youth mentor cum motivator (konon.. hehe) admitting to having such problem.. :)
Well, it's true when they say that the truth hurts.. and most of the time people tend to avoid from getting hurt.. ye la, siapa yang suka-suka nak potong jari dengan pisau or put one's hand in boiling water just to feel if it's hot enough.. kan?

Sometimes people are so afraid of the pain (which at times might merely be just a perception) that they shut it down completely..
For example.. Let's look at the local politicians.. if a guy from Party A were to say something that is the truth or would bring good, then people from Party B would argue the point just because the idea came from someone from the other party eventhough it's the truth.. then they'll twist it around and come out with something new or a reprise version..
Worse if the 'objections' came off people from the same party?? Now that's a "What the h...?!" situation -- another entry perhaps.. hihi..

But looking on a smaller scale.. how many would admit to a mistake made during work? Sometimes a simple solution is available provided that the truth is told.. but we had to hide it until it blows up in our own face.. Familiar ke? ;)
[Reminder: A stitch in time saves nine]

So, how many of us really believe in the TRUTH? When I say believe, I mean truly BELIEVE.. believe that it's for the better and as much as it may hurt, you're confident that you'll still survive it..
If you said YES, then would you go back today and tell your friend, partner, spouse, etc. what they are lacking (in order for them to improve)? Or would you just select certain situations where you think the truth could be accepted and lie on others?
[Reminder: What doesn't kill you would only make you stronger]

The question here is more likely are YOU brave enough? Not just to listen to, but also to speak of the truth..
Two simple example..
If you're a smoker, would you say smoking is a bad habit and quit?
If you're a Muslim lady not wearing a tudung, would you say it's a sin and start wearing one?

Honestly, how much have we been avoiding the truth all this time that we end up living in a life full of deceptions and false expectations?
Come.. let's share our thoughts on this.. Group therapy time! hehe :)

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