Friday, November 10, 2006


Ever wondered why people act or say stupid things sometimes?
Well, it's simple.. many of us don't take care of our brains properly.. and most of the time, they don't even realize it..

For example.. If you were to move and use a different route to work.. at first you may find it refreshing and fun.. but as the days go by and it turns into your daily routine, you might even be able to drive without even having to think.. and that's dangerous!!

My theory is simpe - Our brain is a muscle.. if you exercise a muscle and give it proper nutrients, it'll grow strong and healthy.. not using it on a regular basis however will result in 'deterioration' and soon enough it would totally shut down on you.. that's why I give my brain a healthy dose of 'exercise' daily.. :) I try to take different routes to work and I keep myself occupied when I don't have anything to do by working on my ideas.. one of them is the story I'm working on at the moment..

Ohh.. and I must also remind you guys.. like any other muscle toning, DON'T over do it.. if you're not used to exercising your brain, start off slow and pick up pace gradually.. we don't want any brain 'cramps' now do we? hehe..

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