Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meet the band..

We're Sight.. Blind Sight.. hehehe..

8 days till our 'debut'.. can you feel the earth trembling? hehe..


Inaesb said...

Debut where? :) Which instrument is yours?

sensei said...

It's not exactly a DEBUT, debut.. we're just performing a 30min set for the company's annual dinner cum 10 years celebration, FOC!.. (check out:
I've requested the sound-dude to record the audio though.. ;)

Which is me? Why don't you take a wild guess.. :) fyi, I'm not good enough to play an instrument for the whole full set.. :P

juliana said...

i feel the earthhh moveee.. under my feet :) hehhe.. good luck!! :)

sensei said...

Thanks Ju.. keep an eye out for how to get your hands on the bootleg copy.. coming real soon.. hehe