Thursday, November 02, 2006

Venue Review

Yesterday after work, our Annual Dinner Committee went to Sunway Resort Hotel to check out the ballroom that was to be our venue for this year's dinner.
I was extra excited to see the place as I wanted to get the feel of it in order to get a rough idea on how to perform with the band on that night.

The place was pretty impressive (great for taking 'interesting' snapshots) but first impression was.. this place reminded me of Aerosmith's Jaded video!
A pinch of medievil taste with plenty of dark earthy colours.. Great! So now I have a benchmark to work on.. :)

These are a few pics I took.. didn't turn on the flash as I wanted to capture the 'natural' tone of place..

The stage will be here.. see how much it resembles the stage in Jaded..

And see how the ceiling kinda gives the midievil look..

lebih kurang sama dengan this one.. kan?

Here's what the view from the stage would probably look like.. :)

I can't wait to ROCK this joint!! Woohooo!!

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