Friday, November 17, 2006

Balada Pemuzik Jalanan

Jeritan akordian tua
Merayap di udara
Meniti di hati manusia
Yang berjalan di kaki lima
Berkaca mata hitam
Berdendang lagu ehsan
Dari kalbu sang insan
Si pemuzik jalanan
Dengan seribu impian
Berpandukan naluri
Setajam mentari
Walau dunia gelap gelita
Namun terang cahaya hatinya

Song by Zainol Ali
Lyrics by S.Amin Shahab
Performed by SEARCH

This song had been going through my mind the whole night..
Yesterday's practise session somewhat gave me a glimpse of the life of a musician.. :P

I've always wanted to be a Rock & Roll star.. and if you've been following my blog, you'd probably know about
my annual dinner gig on 8th December.. I know it's not really a BIG thing but for me it is..
this will be my 1st performance with a live band in 6 years!
And I've never did something more than 3 songs straight.. of coz I did
occasionally sang alone at the karaoke parlour for 3 hours when I was in Japan (perhaps I'll talk about this 'obsession' in another entry)..
but that's different laa..

The band started with Jai, Zainy and yours truly.. then we roped in a taiko by the name of James.. James is truly THE MAN! Not to say anything less about Jai and Zainy.. Jai is wicked on the six strings and provides a steady drumbeat.. and Zainy is the master of 4 strings.. But James ROCKS.. I knew from word of mouth that he plays the guitars but I was slapped silly when I saw him on keyboards and again on drums.. this dude never seize to suprise me.. :)
Ever since the committee agreed to allow us play, we're been jamming..
We also pulled in Ujang and Zafi.. Now Ujang, an otai in SEM (he's up for the 10 years service award) plays guitars and Zafi were to take on the drums - you must be thinking.. 3 drummers? well, its a long story.. hehe..
I also managed to convince the HR people to allow us to practise in one of the empty rooms located at the 5th floor - office restricted area tuu.. :P

Like all musicians, we faced obsticles.. and had to make a number of sacrifices.. I'm sure the others have their stoires, but I'll just share some of mine here..
Talk of RMs aside (had bought a new amp & sent my guitar for repair), I think the biggest sacrifice I had to make was my family time.. I think that's why most musicians really need a supporting spouse and a family that understands the demands of having that career.. My eyes are more opened now.. I totally respect serious musicians that work hard to make a living out of their passion.. ANDA HEBAT!!

== break ==

News flash!
Band members just called in a meeting.. looks like we'll be scraping "Pupus" from the set list.. I'm quite devastated by this.. It was the one ballad I REALLY wanted to do as I'm usually known to be the 'fast-number-guy'.. and a song like "Pupus" would give me room to show my true ability - to melt people's heart out.. huhuhu :(
I guess this is another one of those things a band goes trough - CREATIVE DIFFERENCES.. crap!! :P <-- emotional me talking..

Well, all in all the dino-rockers Rolling Stones said it best.. You can't always get what you want..
Hmmm.. How I wish I had taken guitar lessons seriously.. :P

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