Monday, November 13, 2006

Danger on wheels

In coherence with my previous entry, here's an example of 'brainless' things people do without even realizing the danger it could cause.. I saw it on my way to class last Saturday..

Nasib baik aku mengelak.. :P


creativeslave85 said...

hhmmm feeling like a last-destination-scene coming...

front wheel hit divider,back wheel followed suit, lorry terbalik and turned on it's side..hammer got thrown off into the air and got stuck under one of those gas tanks,the sharp end went thru the tank,gas all over the place..some spark went off and everything got blown off..kebaabbooooommmmm!!!!! lorry driver was supposed to die in an earlier road accident.

muahaha.. amacam ok tak? kekeke

creativeslave85 said...

eh silap.. final destination daa... last destination plak kekeke