Friday, December 01, 2006

One for my girl.. Dian Amani :)

Jewels in the Sky

Whenever I look into your eyes
It reminds me of the night sky..
No other mystery could match
the wonders of what lies beyond..
And for what reason do I
believe that you are mine..

Whenever a tear is shed from your eyes
I think of why dolphins cry..
The deep blue sea is too wide
for one to cross without a companion
by his side..
Like every pearl that is found
I know that you are my precious one..

Like jewels in the sky..
A star shines bright and gives her own light..
Like jewels in the sky..
There's no reason to fight as each is special every night..
Like jewels in the sky..
Sometimes nothingness is a virgin canvas waiting to be a piece of art..

sensei 1-dec-06


*cosmic freak* said...

owh, she's so adorable and cute, certainly a jewel!

Anonymous said...

hahaha si toncet nih lagi!! geram!!! bilela nak jumpe die lagi ek huhu

Anonymous said...

matang eeee... geram tengok.. cam kenal jek baju tuh..

juliana said...

comel nye.. mmg jewel.. like a diamond in the sky :)

Inaesb said... sweet. She's adorable :P

sensei said...

A funny thing happen last Sunday.. We were at KLCC park when a group of 4 Indian guys (foreigners, maybe even Bangladeshi) asked for my permission to take pictures with Amani!! hahaha.. :P

Miss BumbleBee said...

a lovely poem for a lovely princess :)