Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Khatan: Journey to Manhood

No no no.. not me.. my nephew laa.. :P

Azizi's circumcision was yesterday.. His father is on duty in Mekah now so I accompanied my sister to the hospital.. This is a pictorial of what went on..

Can you imagine this kid is still 9 years old?

Azizi and his mother.. those are my dead plants behind them.. hehe

Azizi getting a call from Dad.. last minute manly advise kot? Check out my lame driving face.. hahaha..

A rainbow graced the morning.. Cool huh?

Eagerly waiting.. the boy next to Azizi is his uncle.. long story.. ;)

Last shot, all ready to go..

It won't hurt abit.. yeah, like you've been through this.. hihi

Senyum paksa.. Don't they look exactly alike?

Senyum paksa part 2.. Guess who's nervous?

I'm done, you're next sucker!!

I wonder what's he thinking.. "the nurse was quite cute? naahh.." hehe

The picture says it all.. I was speechless too..

Apasal asyik kalah je ni!!

One for the album.. Mean looking Doctor huh?

I wanna go home..

Atleast I don't have to go through that again..

Hey! Go easy on the bumps!!

Enough with the pictures already..

So, that was it.. Azizi is recouperationg at my house for the week.. He's eyeing my Xbox.. Hmmm... maybe tomorrow laa.. hehehe..

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creativeslave85 said...

sunat!! bestnyeee hahahaha.. those were the times... hehe :P