Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snake Scare.. Hmmm..

Last Friday night an ular sawa by the size of arm and about 1+ m long sneaked into my neighbour's house.. This was the same neighbour that's baby-sitting my daughter..

Such things happen.. I don't have much to say about the incedent as the ular sawa was probably cold or washed out of its home due to the heavy rain.. But I'm very thankful that it wasn't violent.. It probably ate a rat or something (my auntie who lives next door said it might have eaten a cat) because it was resting still and not moving at all - a sign that it was full and digesting the food.. I didn't snap a picture as I didn't want to agitate it.. can't take any unnecessary risks.. even the neighbour's 3 kids were locked up in a room with their mother..

From what I heard, the snake was spotted by one of the kids and the father immediately called the trusted BOMBA which was located somewhat 10 minutes away..
I knew about this at about 9+pm and I has been 'quite a while' since the phone call was made.. The first reaction from the Bomba was "we don't usually do this (catch snakes).. it's DBKL's job".. Hmmmm..

Probably due our house being located on the other side of the state border, and it was at night, DBKL kinda kept silent and did nothing.. about an hour later, Bomba was 'kind enough' to call back to ask "did DBKL settled it?".. I could only imagine how my neighbour felt.. I'd be breathing fireballs if I was the receiver of that call.. I don't know what my neighbour said (he was ready to capture the ular sawa by himself) because the Bomba felt 'kesian' and said they's dispatch a unit to help.. Hmmm....

Roughly 2+ hrs later a few good ol' Bomba guys came with a dog cather's pole.. They came on a car because the fire truck couldn't pass the 'height limit' bar at the main road coming into our residential area.. Makes you wonder what if someone's house caught on fire? Hmmm..

Anyways.. they caught the snake without breaking a sweat (maybe the snake was tired after having to wait too long :P ) but guess what, the Bomba guys didn't bring a bag to put the snake in! My uncle had to give them a couple of garbage bags.. Hmmm..

So, after they had their tea (the neighbour's wife served a pot full) our nation's saviour happily went on their way.. And that was it.. Hmmmm...

I wonder what they did to the snake... Hmmmm...

Bomba guys in action..

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