Wednesday, December 13, 2006

11 months old today..

Today Amani turns 11 months old.. And thanks to your votes, on the same day, her picture made it to No.1 in 'the cutest baby poll' on MIX.FM's website.. Check it out!

I'm not sure when this thing ends but keep the votes coming! hehe..


Anonymous said...

you know what, the caption should read

"I thought you said we're going to the zoo"

she's so cute. heh. saya juga ada meng'vote dia!!!

Anonymous said...

happy 11th month birthday Amani!!! (ala, tiba2 teringat sharifah amani lantas macam rasa pelik dan geli. heh.)

congrats to you and your wife for having such a cute baby girl!

sensei said...

I know, she kinda has that "this ain't funny" face in that picture.. hehe

and I totally forgot about Sharifah Amani when naming her.. balik dari JPN baru perasan kat newspaper.. hehe..

*cosmic freak* said...

owh, I didn't realize i posted it as anonymous. its abby by the way. heh.