Thursday, June 19, 2008

What if... -revisited-

I wrote something on the same thing quite some time ago.. --> HERE

But anyways...

Today was one of those days that got me thinking about a few "What ifs"..

If you think about it long enough, probably you'll see that there is actually no 'alternate dimensions' to this world -- or atleast to your life.. We are all presented with choices every second of the day.. some come in big dilemmas, while others are really small A or B options.. What ever it may be, we choose one thing over the other.. then at times, after making those choices, we look back and say.. "Hmmm.. what if I had chosen....."

You may logically know what could have happen, but the fact is, you will never get the chance to really experiece the alternate choice & emotionally understand it... NEVER EVER!

So, if what is done is done and what ever will be will be.. no matter how, or which.. choices are actually merely virtual options in life.. they don't really exist.. there's no 'one or the other'.. everything IS pre-selected.. you are only given the opportunity to FEEL the sensasion of going through the process of selecting the pre-selected option.. Don't you agree?

And get this... people tend to think on a 'positive mode' when looking back at an event in their life, but will likely to think on a 'negative mode' when considering the present onwards.. for example.. school days are often said to be the best part of our lives.. but when we were in school, we actually complained a lot about how hard it is to get through.. betul tak?

It's all in the mind... the mind likes things that are simple & common.. it creates perseption based on those grounds.. the unknown is always difficult and bad.. but once you've done it and things become familiar, it's easy and good..

Pelik kan? ;)

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