Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Dear Blog,

I know it has been a very long time since last we met.. it was not intentional as life got in the way.. However, I do understand that you might feel a bit 'not special' anymore due to the fact that rumors has been spreading saying that i'm very close with and various other internet networks.. to tell you the honest truth, I had never forgotten about you.. even when I'm with Facebook, I still remember the fun times we had.. the ideas.. the stories.. the music and everything else that we have shared.. I will not deny my relationship with Facebook.. nor my relationship with YouTube for that matter.. the thing is Blog, we go beyond anything else.. of all the internet network, I know you know that the connection we have is unbeatable.. always have, and always will..

I realize that these past years have not been easy on either of us.. you had your fair amount of changes, as so have I.. Nevertheless, I'm not going to shut you down.. as a matter of fact, I still want to be with you.. that has not changed since day 1.. and because of that, I'm trying to find away for us to still be together even if we might never progress further in the future.. The things is Blog, I'm very happy with what we have now.. and I know you understand where I'm coming from and I know you will also agree we keep on to what we have.. Don't over analyze it.. You know I still care for you and you will always be a part of me.. my development.. my motivation.. my progress.. You were the one that helped me to be able to put my thoughts together, gave me confidence to perform and share.. I can never thank you enough Blog for what you did for me eventhough you might have not realized it.. Thank you for still being there and still being what you are..

To sum it all Blog, I dedicate this song for you.. actually I've been practising it and wanted to post my own version of it.. but I didn't get a chance to perform it.. yet ;)

I'm thankful that I have you Blog.. always have and always will.. :)

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