Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sticks & Stones..

Some people may say I'm naive.. ignorant.. immature.. but the fact is.. I'm easily effected by words..

Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me..

Nah, never believed in that saying.. :P

To me, I take words to heart.. maybe I'm putting too high of an expectation on myself.. but I know I'm good.. I know I can do better.. I know there are some areas I must work on.. so, you don't have to rub it in by saying it to my face.. hence, I get really annoyed by negative comments.. I get defensive at times.. I get in a rut the other times.. I have to seriously be conscious of my thoughts so that I don't spiral down.. not too long atleast..

On the other hand, I feed of positive comments.. I take even 'polite' remarks -- even when people don't really mean it.. Some might say I have a self-confidence issue.. to be honest, I think so too.. hehe.. Come on la, who doesn't like to be complemented.. just as long as you're not too dependent on it, why not indulge yourself.. a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine goes down.. ;)

I had a pretty good day today as a person I have high regards for commented
"I have read your blog.. you're a very cerebral thinker, analytical with philosophy thrown in as well... I can relate to and understand what you are writing. so nice to see that there are still thinking people out there... thinking on a bigger scale..."
I was smiling from ear to ear.. :)
Now if that was 100% true, why won't people listen to me more?? hehe

You see, I'm contented, not complaisant.. I strive to get full marks.. I'm looking forward to have '0' (zero) negative feedbacks.. gimme another year or two, I should be able to get there.. but in the meantime.. let me enjoy my small glories.. :)

Words without action, has no meaning...
Do / Deliver
that's the 3Ds of leading a 'life'...


Inaesb said...

I knew you left your old job but I didn't know you're a trainer now. :) That's awesome. I've got a friend and he wants to be a life coach...

Anyway, I'm sure you'll do alright. I will be entering the workforce soon too...and I dread that. :/

Are you based in Penang?

sensei said...

I'm based in KL.. but I'll be travelling around soon.. ;)