Tuesday, July 10, 2007



I know I've been 'LOST' these past few months.. I'm so lost that I've even missed the new season of LOST! and knowing me as a TV freak, you'll be suprised to know that the only show I watched for the last 4 months is 'HEROES'.. and now that 'HEROES' has ended its season run, I might end up not watching TV at all.. geezzz...

Anyway I did managed to catch Transformers last Friday night.. It was an effort on its own as me and my wife left the house at about 11pm to catch the 'early morning' show at Cineleasure... It was probably the best night out since.......... goshhh.. tak boleh recall laa.. hehe.. The movie actually made my wife a fan! Me, I had chills hearing Optimus Prime's voice!! If only they had put in more time for the robot's character to develope... it was also quite sad to see Jazz die.. I know for a fact that his original voice also passed away not long ago.. I guess they wanted to bring a closure to that character..


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