Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Relationship Management: Simple but effective...

I just learned this today..

There are 3 basic tools that we use when we want to 'communicate' with someone..
1- Phone
2- E-mail
3- Face-to-face

Now, in order to have a good relationship, one must be able to understand how the next person would react to what we want to say.. so to have the best of both worlds, try this out...

1- When you are sharing information, use the phone
2- When you are sharing information and seeking for opinion, use e-mail
3- When you are sharing something that is debatable, talk face-to-face..

Because the other person might be offended by what you want to say... added with our own lack of skills in the communicating (bad story teller, wrong choice of words, etc) we might end up making things worse...

In fact, studies have shown that in communication, 55% of what is being understood by the receiver is influenced by "visual" while 38% is "vocal" and only 7% is "words".. so your body language can actually support your point -- saying for the sake of sharing concerns and not debating to prove wrong or right..

So guys, let's maintain a good relationship (especially with the ones we care for) by making a small change in our daily communication.. ;)

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TiNa HusSaiN said...

so true!! must try and practice this la.. hehehe.. i'll tell you if it works ok?