Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Tower Records KLCC will close down soon.. probably in June..
That's what one of the workers said to me yesterday..

I'm quite upset as Tower Records usually carry great titles that we seldom see on the selves.. I still remember hangging out after school at Tower Records KL Plaza.. Even in Japan, everytime I went down to Shibuya, I'd stop by Tower Records (the only place where you'll get to see the Sitis, Shielas & Zainalabidins - that is what they mean by 'breaking into Japan market'.. hah!)

Some of the happy memories I have with Tower Records (regardless of location)

- the place where I learned to appreciate various types of music - in other words 'Free listening' :)

- bought my first Japanese artist CD - misunderstood 'Speed' with 'Spitz' but ended up being a fan, even joined the Speed fanclub in Japan.. haha

- bought my first Chinese artist CD - got to meet Sun Yan Zi in person as I was the 2nd person to by her debut album and the only Malay guy at that meet the fan session!

- bought my 1st Marilyn Manson single - it was banned in Malaysia soon after

- the place where I hung out as my buddy went for his university enterance exam in Sendai - he passed, met again with his old flame and I got my Santana/Rob Thomas 'Smooth' single ;)

- bought my 1st Aerosmith live DVD - burned a hole in my pocket :P

- the only place that had CDNaz's CD - Kejora Di Sahara, killer ballad that inspired me to revisit
my unfinished script

Tower Records will always have a special place in my heart.. :~(

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