Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Calling - not the band ye!

Coming back to work after a week long holiday has somewhat taken it's toll on me.. And I don't mean tol LDP yang naik jadi RM1.60 tu ye..

Yesterday was mostly spent 'fighting' to stay awake.. nak taip pun malas.. hehe..
Today I have to start picking up things as from tomorrow I have to make a "preview" at my new place.. I'll be attenting a meeting (quarterly business meeting or something like that) and on 1st and 2nd March is their residential trainging.. Man, am I nervous!!

So for today, I'll be sharing with you a Japanese song that was released as a single on 9th July 1997 (6 months prior to my arrival) by a rock band/duo named B'z (pronounce as beez, not busy).. If I remember correctly, it was tied up with a drama at that time..
and BTW, I've heard people say when I sing B'z numbers, I sound very much like Koshi Inaba (the singer).. :P

Actually I just downloaded the song last Saturday.. I had in my MD but I haven't been listening to it since a few years back..
Now this song I consider as my forte.. had several memorable moments of it, and one was winning a karaoke contest at my hostel's annual dinner during my 1st year in Japan.. :)

I'm posting the romanized version here and did my own translation (self interpretation that is).. it may be a bit off, but nevertheless.. Enjoy..


Kono koe ga kikoerukai [Can you hear my voice?]
Wow wow wow ...
Imanara kikoerukai [Can you hear me now?]
Douka kurushimanaide [Please don't be too harsh on yourself]

Atto iuma jikann wa tsunori nanimo mienaku narisou [Time passes by so fast, I can barely see anything]
Machi no iro mo kawari tsuzukeru naka de [as the scenary keeps on changing]
Nanndaka ima mo issho ni iru [we're still together]

Nanika ga kokoro o tsunaide iru [Something is keeping our hearts together]
Itsudemo kini siteiru [I've always noticed it]
Tsuyoi jishaku ni hippararete iru youni [like to strong magnets pulling each other together]
Kiga tsukeba mujaki ni warai au [as we realized it, we laughed innocently]

Hitotsu hitotsu to mado ni akari tomoru [one by one, the light hits the window]

Kimi ga irunara modotte koyou
itsudemo kono basho ni
[If you are there, I'll always return to this place]
Kegare naki omoi ga bokura o yonnderu [Clear memories are calling us]
I can hear the calling

Doredake hanare kao ga mienakutemo [No matter how far apart, even if we don't see each other]
tagai ni wasurenai nowa [We'll never forget]
Hitsuyou toshi hitsuyou to sarete iru koto [needing and being needed]
Sore ga subete hokaniwa nani mo nai [and that is all, nothing more]

Kimi to irutoki boku wa boku ni nareru [When you are there, I can be myself]
Souyuu ki ga suru [That is how I feel]
Kotoba yori hayaku wakariaeru [Understanding each other faster than words could describe]
Kagayaku shunnkann azayaka ni [The glow is so bright]
Imamade mo korekara mo yakusoku nado
suru koto wa nai darou
[like before, and from now on there shall be no promises]
Darenimo mane dekinai onaji yume wo miyou [Let's share the same dreams, not surpassed by others]
Can you hear the calling

Kono koe ga kikoerukai [Can you hear my voice?]
Wow wow wow ...
Imanara kikoerukai
[Can you hear me now?]
Douka kurushimanaide [Please don't be too harsh on yourself]
wow wow wow wow....


nash said...

wah...i love B'z too, but only one song la. i love the soundtrack to Beautiful Life japanese dorama...dont know tha name but i know how to sing it! haha! good luck in ur new job!

weezerie said...

reminds me when i first arrived in tokyo 10 years back....