Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year, New Me.. part 3

Pimpin' sensei's Vi.. Here's how I spent my 'rehabilitation' period.. hehe

1 Jan 2007, Monday

1st day of 2007.. Just imagine it's been 10 years since 1997.. and 20 if you count from 1987.. Tak sangka Proton masih produce model Iswara kan? :P
New year's day was spent with another outing.. the whole family went to IKEA.. Didn't plan on buying anything in particular but I did bought a baby chair for Amani.. more or less as her birthday present.. :) I wanted to get a car magazine for reference but nothing caught my interest.. My sister headed back home later that evening..

2 Jan 2007, Tuesday

My wife had to go to the office so I accompanied her to try out my new notebook's wi-fi function.. 'lucky' for me most of the net was still down due to the Taiwan earthquake.. :(
On the way back we went window shopping for car accessories around Selayang and Gombak.. I kinda got a rough idea on how I was gonna pimp my ride.. ;) Cik Ju sefamili dropped by later that evening.. Dia bawak ole-ole dari kampung.. my favourite rambutans! And as I was chatting with Uncle Bad, the topic of rims and tyres came up..Coincidently he had just changed his rims and tyres that day in Klang and since he was a regular customer, he could get a far more better deal then what I had surveyed earlier..Since he was on leave until Friday, I made a appointment with him to check out the shop the next day.. :)

3 Jan 2007, Wednesday

First thing on the list was the follow up check up.. Doc took out the plastic thingy from my nose and I was given MC until Friday.. Yeayy :)
Next was getting new 'shoes' for sensei's Vi.. Here are the pics..

Last shot - this is the last time you'll see sensei's Vi in it's original form.. :)

Mix and match.. sensei's Vi trying out the choises available..

Red Nuts.. I told you I'm nuts for red.. hehe

Goodbye boyz.. These dudes got me around a good 30,000km :')

Daddy got me new shoes.. Cool huh? :)

4 Jan 2007, Thursday

Refreshing my ride.. sensei's Vi sent for service..Also found time to survey for mirror tinting prices and shop for sticker (only bought basic black, white and reflective silver stripe)..

Refreshed - sensei's Vi getting a well deserved shower..

First try.. had too start small to see how it'll look like..

5 Jan 2007, Friday

New shades.. Accessories hunting.. got the spoiler and stabilizer/lower bar and had them installed later that afternoon..

Matching colour stabilizer bar.. again, red.. hehe..

Getting pierced.. spoiler installation required holes drilled to sensei's Vi.. ouch!

6 Jan 2007, Saturday

Took a test drive to Melaka for my best friend's wedding.. He had asked me to be the pengapit during akad nikah but I couldn't fulfill his wishes as I was still in the hospital that day.. :(
Anyhow, I was really happy for him.. Selamat BerBAHGIA (that's his name - Bahgia)

7 Jan 2007, Sunday

Woke up early to work on the hood design and side door stickers.. very time consuming and stressful.. finished up everything around 5pm.. I was quite satisfied with the end result as I got everthing done as planned except the headlamps.. still hunting for that one.. maybe later on laa.. ;)

What was initially designed.. I used Microsoft Paint for this..

Actual finished product.. I think this one looks better.. kan?

The Top 4 List - It was supposed to be my Top 5 Best 80s Rock Band but I couldn't decide on the 5th.. well, maybe later.. :P

I finally did it!

One from the back.. ;)

Check out the babe! - Amani striking a killer pose..

Wanna go for a spin? - Amani tak sabar nak ajak jalan.. hehe


creativeslave85 said...

wow cool job done! (Y) now ppl will actually take ur little baby seriously ;)( i mean the car :P)

*cosmic freak* said...

I'm gonna refinance the kembara and next month, it'll be mine! it was my mom's before. then I can pimp it! pimp it good! nak tukar mp3 player, first and foremost! the stereo kinda suck, original perodua cassette player radio, dah giler dah volume dia.

I was thinking of sunroof. they told me I have to go through jpj application for that. is that necessary? kembara with a sunroof, that should be cool, right! cud you check it out? I mean, the process and all. hahahaha.... mintak tolong bro sensei!